The Romper Room collection of classic, fun, and imaginative toys and games stimulates and 
enriches creative and developmental play important for young minds, especially preschool ages. The original Romper Room brand from the 1950s through the 1990s was a much-loved children’s television program that not only encouraged early learning, but also focused on good citizenship and character building in a classroom-type setting. The brand also included a product line (specifically 70s-80s) that encouraged creative play, early learning, and early social skill development via a wide variety of products and publications geared especially at preschool-aged children to enhance these skills. This refreshed and reinvigorated familiar brand re-focuses on classic preschool play that encompasses many aspects of early learning and development. This “new” take on classic products is specifically geared towards early learning. Products are creative, fun, engaging, tactile; the line as a whole encompasses a wide variety of classic play patterns specifically targeted at important preschool learning and experiences. Early-learning & developmental benefits include: • Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development • Creative Thinking, Expression, and Problem Solving • Sensory Play and Learning Experiences • Open-Ended and Exploratory Play; Storytelling • Color, Number, and Pattern Recognition • Focus, Concentration, and Memorization • Early Game-Play: Following Rules, Developing Strategy • Early Social Skills: Taking Turns, Fair Play, Patience
Classic play for developing minds
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