HYPNOGIZMO™ THE ULTIMATE SPINNING DESKTOP TOY! The HYPNOGIZMO™ Twirly Toy is an absolutely EYE-MAZING KinetiContraption™! Give it a twist, and it twirls with whirling, clicking kinetic fun that keeps you spinning! This wild wonder keeps your hands busy and your mind engaged with its eye-entrancing, brain-bending kinetic flow. Cascading colors delight all of your senses with perplexing patterns and mesmerizing mathematical motion. Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down! Each HYPNOGIZMO™ TWIRLY TOY comes ready to play right out of the box in its own desktop display stand. With the removable Play•N•Display spinner case, insert new HYPNOGIZMO™ designs that you can design and build yourself! Customize new creations with the MAKE-YOUR-OWN HYPNOGIZMO™ activity kit (sold separately). HYPNOGIZMO™ TOY Features: • Unique “try-me” packaging • HYPNOGIZMO™ Twirly Toy • Sturdy Desktop Display Stand • Removable Play•N•Display Spinner Case Classic toys that engage and inspire © 2019 Kahootz, LLC. HYPNOGIZMO is a trademark of Kahootz, LLC. All rights reserved. 
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