The classic dial-a-doodle drawing toy!
Click to open & download a PDF of the ROTODRAW instruction guide. TIP: For extra scene sheets, click here and print PDF on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Some printers may vary. ROTODRAW™ Classic Dial-A-Doodle Drawing Toy - #01401 Drawing is as easy as Trace-Turn-Draw! Young artists can easily create adorable characters with the classic Rotodraw™ drawing toy! Insert a Doodle Disc™ into the drawing tablet, then trace in the lines and turn the crank until your drawing is complete. Set includes design paper, sticker sheets and card sheets for fun character creations. Create a perfect surprise picture every time—just turn the wheel to trace and reveal! Product Features: • 1 Rotodraw™ Dial-A-Doodle Machine • 12 Doodle Discs™ • 20 Scene Sheets, 10 Card Sheets, 5 Sticker Sheets • 8 Colorful Markers • Detailed Instruction Guide
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It’s as easy as TRACE-TURN-DRAW!