Frequently Asked Questions Where should I start my Stitchkits design? You can start in any section, although we recommend starting from the top left and working your way to the right and down the canvas.
I need to make a stitch directly above the one I just finished. 
Where do I start my next stitch? For most stitches you’ll start your stitch in the lower left corner of the square, but in the case you need to make a stitch directly above the one you just finished, we suggest starting your next X in the upper right. Then sew down through hole 2 in the lower left corner. Then come up through hole 3 and down again through hole 4 to complete the X. (see diagram at right).
There's a knot in my thread. How do I get it out? If you find a knot in your thread as you're stitching, use the tip of your needle to loosen the knot, then pull the thread to get the knot out. If the knot is too tight, cut the thread right below the knot and start with a new 18" (46cm) length of thread. Be sure to stitch over the cut thread to secure the loose end.
How do I clean my Stitchkits canvas? In the event you find a light smudge on your canvas, use a damp cloth and lightly blot the surface to remove any marks. SEE MORE STITCH TECHNIQUES HERE
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